Monday, September 19, 2011

WiFi for Trading Centers in Developing Countries

Consider This:

  • 2G GSM towers are widely deployed worldwide
  • Extremely inexpensive 1000mW point-to-point WiFi gear can deliver excellent throughput over long distances to connect towers in ring topologies
  • High performance mesh WiFi routers that can cover the most important areas of a trading village in developing countries can be as low as $2000 to $3000 (based on prices in America). 
  • Affordable Android-based WiFi tablets (under $199) and dual-SIM Android phones (under $99) with economies of scale in the BILLIONS made in China will hit the market within a year
  • Substantial numbers of refurbished laptops donated from America and Europe are just waiting for wireless service
  • Operators can bring cached "offline" content to the network for a true high speed experience 


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  2. Having a wifi should be prioritized by companies other than having 1300 number.

  3. This sounds good internet can change the world great source of knowlege and connecting the rural area with it is great step .

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